Sustainability Specialists
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SEA O2 is the trading name of sustainability advisor and entrepreneur, Guy Lane. Since 2002, SEA O2 have supported our clients to understand and implement sustainability initiatives.

SEA O2's portfolio of projects & experiences demonstrates an extraordinary depth and bredth of knowledge in this exciting space.

Areas of experience:

Sustainability Advisory - Strategy Planning - Sustainability Training - Coaching for Sustainability - Public Presentations  - Media Liaison - Carbon Auditing - Alternative Currencies and much more...

Contact Guy to learn more about SEA O2 projects, some of which are shown below.

Base City
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

Areas of Operation
Australia & International

Australian Business Number
35 153 401 238


mobile: +61 424 269 930


skype: guyjasonlane


How do I pronounce SEA O2?

SEA O2 is pronounced like CO2.

About SEA O2

SEA O2 is a commercial trading name of sustainability entrepreneur, Guy Lane.

Guy Lane Sustainability Entrepreneur

Media liaison

Public presentations

PR and media

Solar Cleantech development

Tropical urban design

Proactive Recarbonciliation

Solar PV demonstration
Shipping & carbon

Public renewables demonstration

Environmental interpretation

Commerical green buildings

Commercial solar PV

Program innovation

Carbon finance

International events

Sustainability training

Electric Vehicles