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SEA O2 Project Portfolio

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The blue planet is in constant motion. Both the coriolis effect and the tides ensure that trillions of tons of water surge constantly from one place to the other. Humans can tap some of that energy and use it to produce electricity for the mains grid. There is a lot of energy to be tapped and it is very predictable. And as long as it doesn't negatively interfere marine life, I ask you, why wouldn't you? I'll trade you a gyre for a coalfield anyday.
Atlantis Resources Corporation


Atlantis is a vertically integrated marine renewable power company providing highly efficient and reliable marine turbines, project origination, resource assessment, project, installation & completion management as well as operations & maintenance services to utilities and power companies worldwide. Find out more about The Atlantis Advantage.
Verdant Power
Verdant Power develops projects and technology that deliver clean renewable energy from the currents of oceans, rivers and manmade channels.   Simple and scalable, Verdant Power systems can be installed in a wide variety of settings, including placement directly within population centers.


Flumill tidal energy generator


Flumill have developed and patented a robust, environmentally friendly system that can be arranged to harvest electrical power from the natural flow (Ocean streams, tidal streams and river flow) of water.  Features include: Robust new 4MW concept for the harnessing of tidal energy - Fully Patented system - No moving parts in Turbine - Tried and tested generator with no gearbox- Simple installation and removal for maintenance - Simple four point foundation
Tidal Generation
We have designed, assembled, tested and deployed concept demonstrator machines at the EMEC tidal energy site, Orkney. The first demonstrator was sufficient to power about 300 homes when the tide was flowing.  In its first 10 weeks of operation it generated over 50MWh of power and produced over 250 MWh in total during its test phase.


Hammerfest-Strom marine tidal generator


Tidal stream energy (tidal energy or tidal power) is energy contained in naturally occurring tidal currents which can be extracted and converted into electricity. We delivers turn-key tidal power plants consisting of several tidal turbines connected together as an array, delivering electric power through a subsea cable connected to the grid according to proper grid codes.
Sabella has developed specialised technology based on an original concept of a screen of turbines positioned on the seafloor. This submarine tidal turbine concept remains to date the only French industrial development of its kind. It is differentiated from emerging technologies around the world by its simplicity and its robust build, a guarantee of its reliability and low maintenance level in a hostile environment which is difficult to access.


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Marine Current Turbines


The SeaGen tidal technology is derived from a pedigree of over 20 years continuous leading edge research and development experience. The SeaGen system has been designed with a philosophy of reliability and efficiency being paramount combined with a solid and conservative design approach. Technology features axial flow rotors that drive a generator via a gearbox.
Open Hydro 
The Open-Centre Turbine is designed to be deployed directly on the seabed. Installations will be silent and invisible from the surface. They will be located at depth and present no navigational hazard. Farms of Open-Centre Turbines will provide a significant and undetectable supply of clean, predictable, renewable energy.


CoRMat by Nautricity


The CoRMaT second generation tidal turbine is innovative and proven technology employing two closely spaced contra rotating rotors, driving a contra rotating electrical generator. The first rotor has three blades rotating in a clockwise direction while the second rotor, located directly behind the first, has four blades rotating in an anti-clockwise direction.
Ocean Renewable Power Company


ORPC’s OCGen™ Power System, the largest and most powerful of our modular systems, is designed for use in water depths of more than 80 feet. In the OCGen™ Power System, we stack up to four TGUs together to create larger power generating modules that are moored to the sea floor with a low-impact mooring system designed specifically for this purpose.
Tocardo Tidal Energy 
Tocardo is a young and ambitious company from the Netherlands , aiming to become a world-wide operating and leading player in the tidal industry. In 2008 a pre-commercial demonstration project based on the Tocardo Aqua T50 turbine was commissioned in one of the barrages in the Netherlands.  The 100 kW T100 turbine and the larger 200kW T200 turbines are available for sale.




Minesto develops a new concept for tidal power plants called Deep Green. Deep Green is based on a fundamentally new principle for electricity generation from tidal currents. The power plant is applicable in areas where no other known technology can operate cost effectively due to its unique ability to operate in low velocities. Minesto expands the total marine energy potential and offers a step change in cost for tidal energy.

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Straum Group Hydra Tidal


The Hydra Tidal™ floating ocean energy system is one of a very few full scale tidal energy plants built and deployed in the world. In November of 2010 our 1,5 MW unit “Morild II” was installed on site in the Lofoten Islands - in the north of Norway, for a two year trial period. The plant has made trial-feeds to the local grid.
Kepler Energy
The Kepler Transverse Horizontal Axis Water Turbine (THAWT) is a third generation tidal turbine designed to be operated either in arrays or in stand-alone form. It is highly effective and efficient in terms of extracting the maximum power from given stretches of tidal or river current. Theoretical analysis and modelling, confirmed by testing, has shown outputs more than 50% higher than those achievable by propeller type turbines placed in the same site.


Offshore Islands


Offshore oil and gas production platforms are surrounded by a huge power source - the energy of the ocean itself - which oil and gas complexes can use for their main power source. When an oil company finds the field is no longer economic to operate, governments require that the wells, their supporting offshore platforms and their pipelines be removed to 15 feet below the mud line.
Sea Urchin Marine Power
Developed by Elemental Energy Technologies Ltd, the Sea Urchin is designed to extract electricity from moving water bodies such as tidal streams. Sea Urchin is scalable and can be optimised to operate in a very wide range of flow rates (as low as 1.5 metres per second) making it deployable in the greatest range of locations around the world.   


The Pulsus by Norwegian Ocean Power


The Pulsus turbine is designed by Norwegian Ocean Power in order to capture the energy in water flows, primarily tidal currents. It is based on a relatively simple and well-known design from the Darieus-turbine (patented around 1930), increasing the rotational velocity considerably compared to technology used until now. NOP is cooperating with leading experts globally for optimal design of both turbine and generator.
Triton provides highly cost effective deployment and operation for horizontal axis tidal turbines.  The platform is adaptable and a number of alternative turbines can be used; the Triton platform system providing the installation and maintenance base that will reduce costs and enable safe operating conditions.


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Tidal Sails


Tidal Sails today has a small scale demonstrator operating in a stream outside Haugesund, Norway. This has a nominal capacity of 28KW, and provides an excellent basis for scaling up systems to the range of several MW. The hydrodynamic forces work exactly the same in any scale.
Hydro Gen - modular tidal energy systems
HydroGen is a tidal power equipment manufacturer and will operate and maintain tidal current renewable energy power stations on behalf of tidal power station investors. HydroGen has comprehensive capabilities to design, manufacture, construct and install, commission, operate and maintain Tidal Current Power Stations wherever suitable flowing water resources are available.


Blue Energy - clean innovative power
Blue Energy Canada Inc. (BEC) is commercializing its proprietary tidal bridge technology to produce large scale, predictable and sustainable power. By integrating mature, robust technologies and cutting edge design with a standardized and modular approach to construction, BEC will use its tidal turbines to generate zero fuel, pollution-free electricity while also providing infrastructure and transportation solutions across waterways. 


Marine Current Turbines - SeaGen Technology
Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT) has a demonstrated pedigree of pioneering the development of tidal stream generation technology for over 20 years. Now under the ownership  of the Siemens, MCT is poised to become the World’s leading OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of commercial scale tidal stream technology, dedicated to research, design, manufacture and support of tidal stream energy generating systems.




The Scotrenewables Tidal Turbine is an innovative floating tidal stream turbine designed for ease of installation, operations and maintenance, robustness and survivability in the harsh offshore environment. The device can be installed with a small and readily available vessel.
AquaEnergy Solutions
Aqua Energy Solutions has developed innovative technology that enables competitive cost efficient production of renewable energy from currents and tidal streams. Tidal energy is a very predictable source of renewable energy and has a significantly higher energy density compared to air. The AES design is  optimized to utilize vast tidal currents by maximizing energy collection area while keeping infra structure requirements to a minimum.