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reeFUEL was a biodiesel retail firm operating in Townsville in 2006.

The biodiesel fuel was manufactured in Brisbane and transported to Townsville in B-Double tankers, 40,000 litres at a time.

The fuel was distributed by an 18,000 litre delivery tanker and was also available at the pump from a South Townsville service station where reeFUEL was stored underground.

reeFUEL traded for about 9 months before falling oil prices and changes to the fuel tax regulations made the business unviable.

At its height, reeFUEL biodiesel was powering hundreds of vehicles, from late model Peugeots to D9 bulldozers and everything in between.

Everyone on the construction site knew when the biodiesel arrived as the reeFUEL tanker appeared through a cloud of dust with a 1.8 metre long yellow fin tuna emblazoned on the tank.

reeFUEL was no stranger to the news media. The firm and its clients were featured in TV news stories, newspaper features and even a front cover of City Life Magazine.

The reeFUEL biodiesel website is kept alive as a celebration of a valiant attempt at a green business in Sustainable Townsville.