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Most of our awesome planet is covered in sea water which has waves created by the wind, and most of the humans live within a transmission line's distance from the coast where the waves meet the shore; and waves are predictable and powerful; and so it is no surprise that many machines - Wave Energy Converters - have been designed to convert the energy of waves into clean, carbon-neutral electricity; and these machines are characterised by being BIG and POWERFUL and AWESOME (because they foster jobs on boats) and the world leaders in this field are the SCOTTISH PEOPLE; and I say VIVA wave energy and VIVA Scotland. 



We have designed, developed and patented what we believe to be the first economically viable, practical and reliable wave energy plant in the world. Seatricity overcomes the problems encountered by previous attempts at harvesting wave energy in a similar manner.
Eco Wave Power


Eco Wave Power is the sole global inventor, owner and developer of the unique EWP wave energy devices. Our wave energy company designs, manufactures and operates the EWP wave energy convertors. We believe that our patented technology is clearly on target to become a world leader in the wave energy field.
Resolute Marine Energy


Resolute Marine Energy (RME) is developing technologies that produce clean energy from ocean waves. Since our founding in 2007, we have received research and development funding from the U.S. Department of Energy and the U.S. Department of Interior Minerals Management Service to build and test several wave energy converter (WEC) prototypes.

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A.W. Energy Wave Roller


A WaveRoller device is a plate anchored on the sea bottom at its base. The back and forth movement of the tidal surge moves the plate, transferring the kinetic energy created to a piston pump. The first prototypes were designed and patent applications filed as early as 1999.
Wetpos Wave Energy Converter


Through its floating angular construction, the Wetpos wave energy converter is able to regulate the wave energy input and reduce the impact during rough weather conditions. The V-shaped structure absorbs the wave energy through a line of rotors, which each of them transmits the energy to a common axle, directly attached to a generator. 

Oceanlinx - marine renewable energy


As the most established wave energy developer in Australia, Oceanlinx has installed over 750KW of prototype wave energy converters, generating over 40,000 hours of operating experience and 5,000 hours of electricity generation. As one of the leaders in the ocean energy sector, Oceanlinx renewable energy technology provides versatility for deployment in shallow and deep waters as well as with Oil and Gas platforms.
CETO - Carnegie Wave Power


Carnegie Wave Energy Limited (ASX:CWE) is focused on developing and commercialising its 100% owned CETO wave energy technology which is capable of producing zero-emission power and direct desalinated water. CETO differs from other wave technologies under development globally by being fully submerged and generating power onshore rather than offshore. 

Wavestar - unlimited clean energy


The Wavestar machine draws energy from wave power with floats that rise and fall with the up and down motion of waves. The floats are attached by arms to a platform that stands on legs secured to the sea floor. The motion of the floats is transferred via hydraulics into the rotation of a generator, producing electricity. Waves run the length of the machine, lifting 20 floats in turn.
AWS III Ocean Energy


The AWS-III: A multi-cell array of flexible membrane absorbers which covert wave power to pneumatic power through compression of air within each cell. The cells are inter-connected, thus allowing interchange of air between cells in anti-phase. Turbine-generator sets are provided to convert the pneumatic power to electricity.

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Leancon wave energy converter


LEANCON Wave Energy has devoloped a new Multi Absorbing Wave Energy Converter (MAWEC)  which differentiate from other known wave energy converters (WEC) in the world, as it uses the suck forces to be hold down. Hereby it can be made with low weight which reduces the material costs. The WEC is an offshore OWC type that  preferably uses a special designed displacement turbine as power take off (PTO), but a traditional air turbine can also be used.
Bulge Wave Anaconda


JUST A RUBBER TUBE IN THE SEA . . . . . full of water, closed at both ends, anchored head to waves. The wave power over a wide frontage is concentrated at the end of the tube. We can use it to drive a turbine, generate electricity or pump water. Rubber tubes can live forever in the sea. Anaconda won't break, no hinges, no joints .... and it's cheap!
Protean Energy wave and wind power combined
The Protean technology is best conceptualized as a highly adaptable and configurable ocean energy extraction platform. This generic platform can then be easily configured to allow for integration with any number of complementary technologies. As an example the Protean can be enhanced by integrating optional modules to extract energy from wind, wave and solar power.


Biopower Biowave technology


The bioWAVE is designed to operate in ocean swell waves, absorbing energy both at the surface and below. It is a bottom-mounted pitching device, which spans the full depth. The bioWAVE prototype currently under development will operate at a depth of 30m, while the planned 1MW commercial model will operate where the depth is 40-45m.