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The nucleus of the Hutchinsolar Experience is physically located upstairs at the Hutchinson Builders Townsville Headquarters at 83-87 Duckworth Street, Garbutt.


The solarsight remote data display. This is the current method for viewing the solar data in the Hutchinsolar Experience.
Children enjoying the Hutchinsolar Experience are shown studying solar data on the Solarsight. The data is wirelessly transmitted from the grid tie inverters, shown in the background.
The Hutchinsolar Experience includes information about water conservation. Shown here are tanks holding up to 100,000 litres of rainwater.
An early 3D model of the building used for shade modeling.
The 6.5 kW solar power station is clearly visible from inside the building and forms a central element of the Hutchinsolar Experience.
The lighting, air conditioning and irrigation networks are all controlled by the C-Bus system.
From the Hutchinsolar nucleus, there is a clear view over the open plan office with the energy efficient air conditioning system.
Roof painted with solar reflective paint, a skylight for bringing light into the building, and a Dux solar hot water system. These are all visible from the nucleus of the Hutchinsolar Experience.
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