About the Hutchinsolar Experience

The Hutchinsolar Experience is a new and innovative solar power and sustainability education experience for Grade 5 and 6 school children. It starts when a child is asked: “Have you had the Hutchinsolar Experience?” and it is completed upon the presentation of a Hutchinsolar certificate.

We call these external points ‘the electrons'. These revolve dynamically around the middle, called the nucleus.

The nucleus is located at the Hutchinson Builders Townsville Office at 83-87 Duckworth Street, Garbutt. This is Townsville's first commercial green building.

Interesting things take place in the nucleus.

First, there is a 5.65 kW grid-connect solar PV power station which provides more than 12% of the building's energy. This solar power station features 30 solar panels delivering their energy to the building through three Sunnyboy grid-connected inverters.

These inverters will shortly be connected to a Sunny Webbox which will permit the solar data to be uploaded to the internet. Located inside the building in an area on the mezzanine floor, next to the board room, the inverters are positioned to overlook both the open-plan office and the solar power array.

It is from this location that the presentation will be delivered. In the presentation, the solar data will be displayed through a laptop computer on a podium. The laptop will be connected to a secondary flat screen monitor attached to the front of the podium.

The second monitor allows the audience to view the presentation. The solar panels and inverters are currently inplace, while the online data system has been approved and is being installed.

The Hutchinsolar Experience forms a new Sustainable Townsville learn-scape, with Hutchinson Builders continuing to support the further development and use of this resource.

Steve Winter, the designer of this solar power system, shows off his handywork.


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