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Bioplastics - natural plastic - sustainable plastics - biodegradable plastics

If we humans want to enjoy a Long Future on Earth, we need to rapidly transition to sustainable bioplastics - plastics that are made from natural sources, not petroleum oil. This is a rapidly growing industry sector with a huge future.

Listed below are some of the bioplastic firms from around the world, last updated January 2017.

The Biofiba® flag ship product is Biofiba88® specifically formulated to produce an extruded simulated timber alternative for high volume production of biodegradable Biopallets® that will, by design decompose naturally into a harmless, safe, and potentially valuable, garden mulch that will not contaminate land fill, or damage the environment.


Ecovative Design


We don’t manufacture these materials, we grow them. We grow them from agricultural byproducts and mycelium, a fungal network of threadlike cells. It’s like the “roots” of mushrooms. In 5 – 7 days, in the dark, with no watering, and no petrochemical inputs, the mycelium digests the agricultural byproducts, binding them into a beautiful structural material. The mycelium acts like a natural, self assembling glue.
Innovia Films
Innovia Films is a leading global manufacturer of two ‘families’ of speciality products supplied into the packaging, labels, tobacco overwrap and securities markets - Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP) and Cellulose based films. Our films are sold to converters, brand-owners and end-users across the globe. They become part of the packaging, labelling or overwrap solution for some of the world's best known brands across a wide variety of everyday consumer goods.




Metabolix biopolymers are based on polyhydroxyalkanoate polymers (PHAs) and are made by fermentation using renewable carbon based feedstocks, making them 100% biobased in neat form.  Metabolix has developed leading technology for production of a broad range of PHA biopolymers and continues to innovate further to expand the range of performance and production economics of our  PHA biopolymers. 
Solegear’s Polysole® bioplastic is both compostable and recyclable.  Our Polysole resin biodegrades into H2O, CO2 and soil within one year in an industrial composter. We reduce environmental impacts in landfills and outside of the waste stream. Solegear’s Polysole will eventually break down into H2O, soil and CO2; most petroleum-based plastics, oxy-degradable formulations and biocomposite plastics cannot achieve this.


Apinat Bio


APINAT BIO® series bioplastics are the result of constant research and development at API Spa, the LEADING Italian producer of thermoplastic compounds. APINAT BIO® brings together API’s dedication to providing high-quality products with their commitment to safeguarding the environment. APINAT BIO® is an environmentally friendly brand offering a variety of recyclable and biodegradable thermoplastic compounds suited to a wide range of applications.

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Cereplast compostables resins are made from renewable resources and are ecologically sound substitutes for fossil fuel-based plastics, replacing nearly 100% of the petroleum-based additives used in traditional plastics. The resins are starch-based and gluten-free, made from corn, tapioca and potato starches that primarily come from the American Midwest.


FKuR plastics made by nature


FKuR bioplastics can be converted using conventional plastics processing machines and methods such as Injection Moulding, Extrusion, Co-Extrusion, Thermoforming, Blow Moulding, Injection Blow Moulding, Lamination, Extrusion Coating, Sheet Extrusion, Profile Extrusion.
GraceBio is the only 100% biodegradable, compostable plastics product received compostable certifications from Belgium, Germany, USA and Japan from Taiwan.  GraceBio uses renewable raw materials. Its product will return to nature in the form of CO2 and H2O after being decomposed by naturally occurring microbes.




BIOSPHERE is a company specializing in bioplastic resins. Falling oil reserves and growing demands for a greener environment are opening the door to the new poten-tial provided by biomass-produced plastics. Bioplastics can and will replace current plastics for numerous applications and trigger the emergence of new areas of use.
Biolice is a biodegradable polymer. It is a bioplastic that is friendly to the environment and it produces a high quality alternative to ordinary plastics for flexible applications such as bags, agricultural and industrial films and rigid thermoformed and shaped extruded products - ideal for the packaging industry. After use and disposal it is broken down by micro-organisms and produces humus.




Plastarch Material (PSM for short)is a resin made from corn starch designed suppliment or even replace conventional petroleum based plastic. In addition to a high percentage of corn starch,PSM contains several additional natural modifying agents,providing a variety of resin options including the bio-based HL-100 series and compostable HL-300 series.

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Natur Tec
Natur-Tec, a business unit of NTIC, engineers and manufactures biobased and compostable plastics intended to replace conventional, petroleum-based plastics. Natur-Tec has a broad bioplastics portfolio which spans flexible film, rigid injection molded materials, and engineered plastics.





Minima Technologies Co., Ltd, established 2000, has be committed to dedicate into R&D and beyond, to combine various biodegradable materials with unique mechanical devices, a company with expertise & total solution from raw material thru man-machine-control to the final 100% compostable product, as well as its application to grant the International Compostable Certificate.

Purac produces Lactides from Lactic Acid, which our partners then convert to Poly Lactic Acid (PLA) thermoplastic resin. PLA is a compostable bioplastic suitable for a range of applications. Our most recent breakthrough in high heat PLA, which withstands temperatures up to 120°C, unlocks bioplastic potential for durable applications such as automotive parts, clothing & carpet fibres & computer housings.


Kareline natural composites


The third generation natural fiber composites combine in a new and innovative way excellent properties of natural fibers and plastics. The materials offer you a whole new possibility to manufacture environmentally friendly injection molding or extrusion molding composite products that comply with all environmental requirements.
A range of thermoplastic resins from plants - produced from starch by an advanced grafting technology - for use on existing production lines - convenient for durable and semi-durable applications (unlike biodegradable plastics) - with unique properties - eco-friendly with a low carbon footprint thanks to photosynthesis - fully recyclable.


Earth First PLA


If you want the premier biopolymer film then you need EarthFirst PLA Film. If you've been looking for a plastic film that is environmentally friendly we can help! Made from the near carbon neutral polymer IngeoTM, EarthFirst films can add environmental value to your product and give you energy savings, all by simply switching!

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Biome bioplastics
Biome Bioplastics is a leading innovator and supplier in the emerging bioplastics market.  Our passion is delivering  functional polymers to our customers that perform in their own markets as well as delivering great bio-credentials.
Our business is headquartered in Southampton (UK) from where we serve a global customer base with design and technical support.


Eastern bioplastics


Made from chook feathers, Eastern BioPlastics has recently introduced its new line of Environmental BioProtector products. Made of 99% bio-based material, this USDA certified product has an oil absorbency of seven times its weight. When considering cost per gallon absorbed, it would be difficult to find a more economical absorbent in today's market.
Biomass Packaging
Today, BioMass Packaging® continues to lead in research, innovation and product development in this emerging field: Plates from plants. Spoons from spuds. Cups from sugar cane. Our list of compostable, nature-based products goes on. In addition, we can custom manufacture just about anything you can think of.




Eco Bio Plastics Midland, Inc. (EBPM) is a US subsidiary of a Japanese eco-friendly technology venture, Eco Research Institute Ltd. (ERI). ERI has developed a process of dry-grinding paper and pulp to micron size powder and using it as filler in conventional plastics such as polypropylene (PP). This innovation can contribute to reducing the use of fossil-based materials, and Paper Plastics are now regarded as one of the best bio-plastics available.
Clarifoil is the world’s leading manufacturer of cellulose diacetate films. Utilising specialist casting technology, we produce an extensive product range: gauges from 14 µm to 500 µm, in clear, matt and semi-matt finishes and in colours. Our markets are in the high-end food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals markets, where first rate quality and eco-friendliness are important to both the manufacturer and the end-user.


Natureworks Ingeo


IngeoTM is a unique bio-based material made from plants instead of oil. It was introduced globally in 2003 on a commercially viable scale by NatureWorks, a company dedicated to more sustainable and environmental product and business development. NatureWorks’ mission is to drive real environmental progress through its global market development and communication of the many and varied Ingeo branded products.

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Rodenburg biopolymers
Solanyl® is highly efficient produced, making use of reclaimed potato starch (by using starch of the waste stream of the local potato processing industry), grain, root or seed flour based resources. Detailed studies showed positive effects into the LCA of the production of Solanyl compared to the production of regular polyolefin’s and bio polyesters.




Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), a linear polyester naturally occurring as a result of bacterial fermentation of sugar. This family can bring together more than 100 differing monomers to produce materials whose properties vary very greatly. This product is particularly suitable for injection and extrusion methods for the production of objects. It takes the place of highly pollutant materials such as PET, PP, PE, HDPE and LDPE.