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My name is Guy Lane, I am a sustainability entrepreneur, advisor and novelist. I believe that I have lived a future-life in which the planet was fine because in the early 21st Century the humans 'got a Moogh on' and became sustainable. In this present life I search for the early stages of these sustainable technologies and ideas and I share them on the the SEA O2 website.

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IGV Biotech


The range of services offered by IGV Biotech is based on 30 years of experience in research and development for the cultivation of phototrophic microorganisms, like microalgae, plant cells and tissue cultures. The tubular glass photobioreactors from IGV Biotech’s PBR portfolio are suitable and proven for algae cultivation from laboratory up to outdoor production scale.
Genesis Biofuel
Genesis Biofuel engineers, builds and sells turnkey algal biodiesel refineries to cement companies. These refineries maximize the sequestration of CO2, offering a highly efficient method of pollution control that makes money for our customers. These refineries take CO2 directly from the flue. Combined with sunlight, the CO2 is used to grow algae in a highly controlled environment. The refinery has two end products: biomass and biodiesel. 
Algaetech International
algaetechinternational.com Algae Integrated Management System is trademarked and registered under Algaetech. It’s a fully integrated and automated management system for commercial algae cultivation for green technology solutions and high value products. AIMSYS operates in a fully controlled environment to ensure the maximum efficiency of the technologies and the highest product quality. 
BFS Blue Petroleum
If CO2 is the result of burning or the oxidation of hydrocarbons and the hydrocarbons were formed at the base with organic matter, mostly plants, what was this vegetable matter or organic carbon formed from? The answer was simple: from solar energy, CO2 and H2O (no plant can live without CO2 and without CO2 life as we know it would not exist). So why not reverse this redox cycle by using the CO2 resulting from combustion to create a reduction process and recover its carbon to convert it into oil?




Fermentalg is a cleantech company that specializes in the development of a technology which is used to produce molecules of interest and bypasses conventional methods using petrochemicals or even industrial fish farming. We are an “industrial biotech”. Fermentalg offers an alternative and sustainable solution to the gradual depletion of two key resources: wild fish and petroleum.
The EnAlgae project has received funding to develop algal bioenergy technologies at nine pilot facilities and to advance the emerging marketplace in North West Europe. An INTERREG IVB North West Strategic Initiative EnAlgae is a four-year Strategic Initiative of the INTERREG IVB North West Europe programme. 




ecoduna develops photobioreactors (PBR) for a continuous and industrial production of microalgae. Our new and innovative system of photobioreactors "hanging gardens" massively amplifies the photoactive volume, reduces the energy input for cultivation and considerably increases the quality and quantity of the algae produced. Today, algae are considered as the most promising renewable raw materials for many future applications.
Virent’s BioForming platform is based on a novel combination of Aqueous Phase Reforming (APR) technology with modified conventional catalytic processing. The APR technology was discovered at the University of Wisconsin in 2001 by Virent’s co-founder and chief technology officer, Dr. Randy Cortright. The BioForming platform expands the utility of the APR process by combining APR with catalysts and reactor systems similar to those found in standard petroleum oil refineries and petrochemical complexes.


Sustainable Green Technologies


Green algae are low maintenance, easy to grow and very abundant aqueous life forms that use sun light energy to perform photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is a biological process which produces biomass  (sugars or oils), oxygen and the high-energy molecule ATP (adenosine triphosphate) from carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. All biomass, whether it is sugars or oils, is convertible into bio-fuels, most commonly bio-ethanol and bio-diesel.
Circle Corporation Biodiesel and Ethanol
We have developed algae biodiesel production and algae oil harvesting systems and equipment that properly function for growing algae and harvesting the algae in a very efficient manner for use in algae biofuels such as biodiesel from algae and algae ethanol. We have a patented dredge head which is self-clearing so that human labor is not necessary for operation of a single dredge. 
Algae Technology Ventures

Algae Technology Ventures offers algae strains, a commercial inoculator photobioreactor for the algae production industry, colleges and universities, and custom-designed closed-loop photobioreators and turnkey algae production facilities.  We also provide cost-effective project management consulting services to the algae industry. 
Bard Holding Inc.
Bard has developed a unique patent-pending modular system to cultivate algae in a closed-loop, sustainable process. Bard is bringing its know-how to the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetics, chemical, construction, manufacturing, human and animal feed industries. Working closely with leading-edge technology companies, Bard is also poised to enter the rapidly emerging biofuels market.


Cellana Photosynthetic Production System


Cellana’s core technology is a photosynthetic production system that economically grows proprietary algae strains at a commercial-scale. The patented production system, called ALDUO™ technology, is unique in that it couples closed-culture photobioreactors with open ponds in a two-stage process. Previous attempts at scaling up algae production have used a photobioreactor or open pond individually, not coupled. 
Algae.Tec Ltd
Algae crude to transport fuel technology. Algae.Tec is a globally focused advanced algae-to-biofuels company. Algae.Tec is commercialising an enclosed modular high-yield algae-to-biofuels growth system to produce fuel for transport. The fuel is designed to be a  drop-in replacement solution that is cost competitive, and contributes to energy security. The Algae.Tec photo bio-reactors produce high-value sustainable fuels such as biodiesel and jet fuel.


Algae Production Systems


Algae Production Systems has selected a specific methodology to be applied to each of the three steps in the process of producing algae oil, which are 1) grow algae 2) harvest the algae and 3) extract the Oil and biomass. The manner and order in which our process functions is, in some cases, a unique departure from the way in which algae has been grown, harvested and oil extracted in laboratory environments. 
MBD Energy
MBD's world-first CO2 emissions abatement trials are aimed at developing viable bioremediation solutions to making significant cuts to industrial atmospheric pollution, as well as concurrently offering potential for large-scale recycling of industrial waste water. The result of intensive scientific and engineering investigation, MBD's algal bioremediation systems are focussed on transforming this increasingly costly industrial waste into saleable nutritious feed and food as well as solid and liquid fuels.


Origin Oil


OriginOil’s breakthrough water cleanup technology, Electro Water Separation™ (EWS), is a high-speed, chemical-free process that efficiently extracts organic contaminants from very large quantities of water. EWS can harvest algae, intact and bacteria-free, without chemicals, at a continuously high flow rate and at very efficient cost. The process increases the shelf life of algae and, being continuous, it is highly scalable. Units can be operated in a distributed network, each serving an algae pond or bioreactor complex.
Algenol Biofuels
Algenol is a global, industrial biotechnology company that is commercializing its patented algae technology platform for production of ethanol and green chemicals. Our patented DIRECT TO ETHANOL® technology enables the production of ethanol for less than $1.00 per gallon using sunlight, carbon dioxide and saltwater and targets commercial production of 6,000 gallons of ethanol per acre per year.  


Aurora Algae


Aurora leads the world in the development of high-tech farming; a concept necessary and well timed to catapult us into a new era of innovation. Biochemists and engineers at Aurora have spent years focusing on the technology and science of growing algae. With more than a dozen patents filed on our science, and more than another dozen on our engineering innovations, we have developed processes that are truly revolutionizing farming as we know it.
Biotechnology that Creates Renewable Oils from Microalgae. Solazyme couples proprietary strains of algae with standard industrial biotechnology; converting what the earth produces naturally into what society needs most - oil. Solazyme's proprietary biotechnology platform creates renewable oils by harnessing microalgae's prolific oil production capabilities. Through world-class molecular biology and chemical engineering capabilities, we're able to cost-effectively produce high-value tailored oils.


Sapphire Energy


Sapphire Energy, Inc., one of the world leaders in algae-based green crude oil production, today announced it has secured $144 million in a Series C investment funding. The Series C backers include Arrowpoint Partners, Monsanto, and other undisclosed investors.  All major Series B investors have participated. With this investment round, Sapphire Energy’s total funding from private and public sources substantially exceeds $300 million. 
Live Fuels
LiveFuels is developing an integrated approach to growing, harvesting and processing algal biomass into fuels and other valuable co-products. Our solution uses the productivity of natural aquatic life to fundamentally resolve challenges of cost, risk and scalability. While many algae-to-biofuels companies grow monocultures of algae within expensive enclosures, LiveFuels grows a robust mix of native algae species in low-cost, open-water systems.


Heliae Algae


Heliae's algae technology package is made for co-location near big, unwanted waste streams. Our technology cost-effectively converts industrial CO2, wastewater nutrients and free sunlight into drop-in, infrastructure-compatible transportation fuels, food, and renewable chemicals. We help fuel a world in need of affordable, clean, conflict-free energy. And, we help feed a hungry world in need of affordable protein that does not exacerbate climate change or further deplete our imperiled oceans.
Bioprocess Algae
BioProcess Algae LLC designs, manufactures, and operates integrated systems to support bioreactor operations and dewatering efforts. Current demonstration activities are supported by commercial scale modular systems that include Grower Harvester™ cultivators, flue gas tie-ins and fully automated operational support such as pH and temperature control, CO2 and nutrient delivery, CIP capability, dewatering and water reuse.




The ECO2Capture™ Technologies improve the mass transfer of a gas (for example, CO2) into a liquid media (for example, water). The liquid media is distributed across the membrane through the Hybrid-Flow-Controlling-Header (HFCF). The HFCF is designed to allow for an even distribution of the liquid media across the faces of the membrane at the right flow, pressure, and temperature to ensure maximum mass transfer.
HDS International
HDS International (HDSI) is a green technology company providing renewable energy and eco-sustainability solutions. We provide carbon capture and sequestration solutions, as well as industrial, all natural open-water algae biomass production solutions for green energy purposes, including anaerobic digestion and biofuels, as well as for the development of bioproducts and carbon elimination.


Kent Bioenergy


Today, Kent BioEnergy has emerged as an industry leader in the development of advanced concepts for culturing and harvesting microalgae - single-celled aquatic plants. With the combination of our solid applied research foundation and extensive practical experience, the company remains focused on producing competitively priced solutions for a wide range of industrial needs.
Open Algae
OpenAlgae specializes in serving algae growers with continuous, solvent-free oil and biomass recovery via cost-effective concentration, lysing and oil extraction technologies. Just as oilfield service providers evolved to support oil production processes between the wellheads and the refineries, so too has OpenAlgae evolved to support algae growers in the next-generation biofuel industry.


Solix Biofuels


Solix’s Lumian™ Algae Growth System (AGS™) is a high productivity, reliable algae cultivation photobioreactor system which includes Solix’s proprietary Lumian panels.  Solix’s Lumian panels are designed to maximize light penetration and efficient mixing of CO2 for optimized algae growth. The Lumian AGS4000 is a 4000 liter high productivity AGS ideally suited for the outdoor evaluation of algae species.
Symbiotic Envirotek
Symbiotic EnviroTek Inc. is a Canadian company based in Alberta, working on commercializing its advanced modular photo-bioreactor technology developed for cultivating microalgae in temperate and adverse climatic conditions. Symbiotic engineered a system of easily deployable photo-bioreactor modules for cultivating microalgae to produce biomass for use in the production of renewable biofuel and other high demand, high value co-products.




Muradel is committed to developing the most sustainable and energy efficient algal biofuel. Algae are grown in open raceway ponds using seawater, eliminating the demand for precious freshwater while also enabling natural management against contaminating microorganisms. Nutrients are recycled to minimise waste as well as cost.  Low energy continuous flocculation and concentration processes create a concentrated product that is suitable for direct treatment into biofuels.
Aban Infrastrusture
Aban Infrastructure Private Limited belongs to the Chennai head-quartered ABAN Group of companies. The "Biotechnology Division" of Aban Infrastructure Private Limited was established in December 2010 and is currently developing technologies for the production of biofuels from microbes such as algae grown in freshwater, wastewaters (municipal and industrial) and sea water.




A sustainable ecosystem that generates energy while treating wastewater. Ennesys’ technological innovation recycles the neighborhood wastewater to grow micro-algae. Algae cultivation enables, on one hand, wastewater treatment, and on the other hand, energy generation (production of biomass). Moreover, Ennesys’ technological innovation can be implemented directly on buildings or in their immediate vicinity.
Algae Systems
Algae Systems turns problems into resources, pollutants into products. We recycle wastewater from cities and CO2 from the atmosphere to create fuel, fertilizer and pure water. We grow energy without competing for the land and water needed to grow food.


Plymouth Marine Laboratory - PML Applications


PML Applications offers 30+ years of practical experience in phytoplankton research. PML is applying its knowledge of phytoplankton ecology, physiology and virology to the biofuels, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, engineering, agricultural fertiliser and animal feed industries. PML offers direct access to (and sales of) bespoke tubular and bubble column photobioreactors for both academic and applied partners wishing to utilise microalgae in their research or industrial process.
Bear Oceanics


B.E.A.R. has invented, tested and patented a unique, green, clean human-scale system to create thousands of barrels of synfuel per day and sell it for HALF what petroleum based fuels cost. Our unique technology and business model makes this not only possible, but the most highly profitable way to produce and market synfuels. This is revolutionary.